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This Artist Licensing Agreement is entered into effective on date of sale, between A Space Monkey (“ARTIST”) and purchaser (“CLIENT”). All references to the Client in this Agreement shall include Client’s parent companies, affiliates, and subsidiaries. 
In this agreement, CLIENT will be purchasing licensing for exclusive use of ARTIST’s original work for use as album artwork, promotional materials or digital media.
1. GRANT OF LICENSE: As of the effective date, ARTIST grants CLIENT exclusive license to use the Authored Work. No other licensee will be eligible for use or reproduction of this specified original work. This license is effective from the date of sale, and grants exclusivity for use of purchased artwork forever. 
2. USE OF LICENSED WORK: Agreement is specified for the use of Authored Work as Album Artwork for print 
and digital release. Artwork may be used as promotional materials or merchandise design yet may not be altered in any way. Any questions regarding use of this licensed work must be directed to ARTIST prior to taking action. 
3. PAYMENT OF ARTIST: As of the effective date, CLIENT is agreeing to pay ARTIST in the full upon delivery of 
artwork. For the terms of this agreement, a flat-rate payment is accepted for full 
4. CREDIT: As CLIENT now has exclusive licensing, ARTIST requires full credit for any artwork 
used from this original piece. The artwork must be credited on any print copies of the 
album in addition to any digital linear notes. 
5. TERMINATION OF LICENSE: If the Authored Work is resold or rebranded in any form outside of the terms of this Agreement, CLIENT will be required to pay royalties to ARTIST. This Agreement licenses use for the agreed upon project and related promotional materials. It may NOT be used for any other intellectual property. 
Any and all changes to finalized artwork may be subject to additional fees depending on labor required. Any amendments to Agreement will be written and signed by both parties prior to further payment. 
Agreement finalizes sale and transfer of right of Authored Work from ARTIST to CLIENT. 
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